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We are living in very interesting times. Institutions are diversifying and deaccessioning. Everyday Givers are finally getting the attention and accolades they have earned as a significant force in philanthropy. Young women and girls are making their voices heard and we are seeing creative expressions of joy in resistance. What are you learning about today?

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Everyday Givers.

Our investments are often directed to organizations that are small and highly localized, which give them access to LGBTQIA+ community members who may need support services, but are not "out" to the extent they would be comfortable going to larger, more visible institutions. Furthermore, agencies specifically working with the LGBTQIA+ community are better equipped with cultural humility to ensure safe service delivery.

- Lauren Birchlove, LBTQ Giving Council of Chicago Foundation for Women


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Women and Girls.

Amid a global pandemic, an uncertain economic future, and our nation’s most heightened racial awareness since the civil rights movement, young womxn are refusing to stay silent. From planning peaceful protests to organizing community food drives, they continue to push the status quo. And the world needs to start listening.


New Campaigns Seek to Generate More Than $1 Billion for Women and Girls less than 6 months after Novo Foundation announced it would close two major programs.


Three exhibits at Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art are asking us questions about how we see race (and history)


Weary of tokenism, Black board members are now seeking institutional transformation.




The book, released Saturday through Amazon, distills those images down to 117 photos that reflect “pure, authentic Black joy” in the face of unprecedented upheaval.

- In ‘Chicago Protests: A Joyful Revolution,’ South Side Photographer Captures A Summer Of Black Resistance

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